Gran Estreno de El Regalo

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Karlos Dergal - El Regalo

Después de tanto tiempo de preparación, por fin Karlos Dergal regresa. Tras el increíble éxito de Never Again y su[...]

Muy Pronto El Regalo

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Karlos Dergal - El Regalo

Después del éxito del segundo sencillo de su tercer producción discográfica Glitter de corte bilingüe No Te Quiero Ver / Never Again,[...]

Best single ever

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Karlos Dergal Best Single Ever

Karlos Dergal is more thankful with his fans than ever, this past months his popularity on Reverbnation (an international music[...]

New single in english and spanish

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Today and after some months promoting Can’t Stop (Glitter’s first single), Karlos Dergal is releasing for the first time a bilingual[...]

New single coming up

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Después del éxito que tuvo Can’t Stop, primer sencillo de Glitter, Karlos Dergal regresa con un tema de despecho lleno[...]

Can’t Stop reaches numer 32

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In only some weeks far from it’s official release, Karlos Dergal is one more time on Reverbnation’s charts. Can’t Stop[...]

Worldwide Premiere Can’t Stop

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Karlos Dergal - Can't Stop

Karlos Dergal finally released the first single of Glitter, his third studio album. The song is called Can’t Stop and[...]

Pre-order Glitter

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Karlos Dergal - Preorder Glitter

Glitter is ready to be out next week. Today Amazon featured it and you can pre-order it now, so you[...]

EPK Making of Glitter

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EPK Karlos Dergal

Today Karlos Dergal surprises the audience with more details of Glitter his new album. Today he is releasing an exclusive[...]

Glitter’s Artwork Revealed

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Karlos Dergal - Glitter

Today Karlos Dergal revealed on his official social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) the artwork for his new album called Glitter.[...]